You’ve got the greatest story ever told and you can’t get it past the readers. It opens strong. It’s got dynamite characters with powerful emotional arcs. Unexpected reversals keep audiences riveted. And you’ve implied a kickass universal theme that appeals to a four-quad demographic. What’s wrong?

Could it be that your words get in the way of your story? Could it be that your words tranquilize the reader? Find out how to keep the reader stimulated.

At the polish step you have the opportunity to catch and correct all of your mistakes with punctuation, grammar, and spelling. But do you use this step to change your mundane syntax into something that pops off the page? Do you know how to identify word choices and sentence structures that put the reader to sleep?

Screenwriting Style That Sizzles gives you specific words and phrases that tell you what you need to rewrite to improve the energy and power of your description.  For instance, “The room is empty” describes nothing. What does the audience see? “Antique furniture fills the room. A roll-top desk collects dust in the corner.” Or, “Cold concrete walls suck the light out of the room.” Or, “A grand chandelier sprinkles fireflies of light across the polished hardwood floor.”

The little passive verb “is” screams out “Please rewrite me.” It’s a specific red flag that tells you to find a strong action verb that keeps the reader’s eyes open.

Screenwriting Style That Sizzles shows you 13 Red Flags that drag your story into the doldrums. Many examples follow each Red Flag that point out variations and how to rewrite them.

There’s no other book like it on the market today. Once your story is honed to perfection, it’s time to hone your script so that your story sizzles. Screenwriting Style That Sizzles makes the polish a fun ride full of creative endeavor. Hunt down all those pesky Red Flags and rewrite. Do so and you will find that your script sparkles with new life.