While we are aware that there are analyst services that promise hooking a writer up with agents, managers, and producers to induce business and keep you coming back, we don’t make that promise. Our primary focus is the perfection of your script. It’s true that producers contact us frequently looking for material because they know our reputation. If a producer calls us and we feel that your script matches what s/he’s seeking we’ll put you in touch. However, we must first read the latest draft of the script before we give you the contact info, and we read it at that time for free because it is to our advantage to place you with a producer. It would be foolish for us to make a promise that we can get you lots of industry contacts before the fact. It must pass the Rainey standards first.


There are numerous ways to get your script to me:

                 Email to john@raineyscriptconsulting.com

                          Or  mythmakerjohn@gmail.com

                        In one of the following formats:

  • MICROSOFT WORD (not preferable)

 SNAIL MAIL: Please send the following:

            1 — Your script

 2 — A self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for the return of your script and critique. Use a 10 X 13 inch envelope or a “FLAT RATE priority mail” envelope with a stamp to cover return postage, or a Fed-ex number. Please, include e-mail in your contact information so we can confirm receipt and keep you informed of your script’s progress.

 3 — A check or money order to cover the fee of the service for each script under 120 pages made out to John Rainey.

 4. You can also pay by PayPal.  The 2 accounts are:



 For USPS, UPS, or FEDEX delivery, send to:


318 Avenue I, #342

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

 Make sure that there is a title page, that it’s formatted properly, uncheated, and that there are page numbers from page 2 to the end. Also, there should be no description paragraph longer than 4 lines.