Script Development Sessions


A series of one-hour phone sessions with I will guide you from the beginning to the end of a specific project. You can begin with a story idea, a character, a treatment, or an outline. (If you have a completed draft, I request that you get an In-Depth Analysis first.)  I will help you to craft a strong story structure with three-dimensional characters, plot, subjective story line, and other elements that make a good screenplay from Fade In to Fade Out. At the end of each session, you will get a suggested guidance for the next step.

Development sessions are ideal for part-time writers who need a structured step-by step approach, or who are new to writing screenplays. They are also great if you are a seasoned writer and feel as if you’ve gotten stuck in a rut, need fresh insight and a different perspective into your craft. It lends a sense of structure to your process that perhaps has dissipated. You may arrange the frequency of sessions to fit your schedule and writing process.


$150 per hour




$500 in advance for 4 sessions